Monday, January 19, 2009

Emerald City ComiCon 2009

Happy New Year (it's still cool to say that, right? The year IS still pretty new...), we wish everyone all the best for an amazing 2009!

As for an amazing 2009, that's what we're planning on for the Emerald City ComiCon and we've got a bunch of great announcements, so let's get to it.

To begin with, we've added a couple new media guests. First off is JEWEL STAITE. You may know Jewel as the actress who played Kaylee Frye in Serenity and Firefly, and most recently played Dr. Jennifer Keller in Stargate: Atlantis!

The other media guest is Mr. BRUCE TIMM. He is the award-winning producer, director and designer for Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League: Unlimited, Superman/Doomsday and the upcoming direct-to-DVD Wonder Woman animated feature!

Of course we've also added a few more creators to our line-up. Where to begin?

How about with Eisner Award-nominees TED NAIFEH (Courtney Crumrin) and NATE POWELL (See My Brother Dance)?

Or fan-favorites KURT BUSIEK (Trinity), GAIL SIMONE (Wonder Woman), STEVE ROLSTON (Emiko Superstar), ED BRUBAKER (Captain America) and CLAYTON CRAIN (X-Force)?

We've also added Image Comics co-founder JIM VALENTINO (Shadowhawk)? Speaking of Image, the entire creative team of two of their books, Proof (ALEX GRECIAN, RILEY ROSSMO and KELLY TINDALL) and Dead Ahead
(CLARK CASTILLO, MEL SMITH and ALEX NIÑO) are all making their first ECCC appearance!

Classic creators ERNIE CHAN (Conan) and TONY DEZUNIGA (Jonah Hex), cartoonists KEITH KNIGHT (K Chronicles) and DANIELLE CORSETTO (Girls With Slingshots).

Indy favorites DEREK KIRK KIM (Good As Lily), KEVIN CROSS (Black Heart Billy), CHRIS MORENO (World War Hulk: Frontline), STUART SAYGER (Bionicle), CHRISTIAN BERANEK (Grimm Fairy Tales) and DAN WICKLINE
(1001 Arabian Nights).

Writers SCOTT ALLIE (Buffy), FORD GILMORE (Thundercats) and C.B. CEBULSKI (X-Infernus) along with Eisner Award-winning colorist DAVE STEWART.

That's it for new guests, and believe it or not, we still have more to announce! Unfortunately, we've had a few cancellations as is always inevitable. Due to scheduling conflicts, none of the Udon Studios crew (Omar Dogan, Joe Ng & Jim Zubkavich) will be appearing, and neither will Darwyn Cooke or Joe Casey.

I did want to mention that Harmony Gold will be bringing their 2009 Robotech Convention Tour doing panels and giveaways throughout the weekend, which should be a lot of fun.

In exhibitor-related news, we're completely sold out of our artist alley and we're getting close to selling out our exhibitor floor too, so if you've been putting off getting a space at the show, I'd recommend not putting it off any longer.

Another quick heads-up that we've added one more discounted attendee hotel to our hotels page:

Lastly, don't forget that tickets for the show are on sale now:

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