Monday, May 4, 2009

Khan Con 2009

Second Level Wizards present:
KHAN-CON: Vancouver's only Star Trek convention!

Rio Theatre, 1660 Broadway East, Vancouver, BC
When: Saturday May 16, Doors open at 10am
How: $14 (Add just $5 for the new Trek film) - show your Second Level Wizards card for $1 off.
Tickets available at:
Elfsar Comics, Yaletown
RX Comics, Main St @ 8th Ave
The Rio Theatre, Broadway @ Commercial
more venues to come.
Tickets also available by PayPal - email

Got photos of your Trek costume from Hallowe’en or your meeting with Seven of Nine? Email them to and we’ll put them up on the big screen between films for all to bask in.

- Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan! (2pm)
- New Star Trek film by JJ Abrams. (4:30pm)
- Classic Trek episode "Space Seed" introducing Khan Noonien Singh.
- Local Fan-Made episode of ST:TNG "Chains of Betrayal" w/ director & cast in attendance for Q&A.
- Animated episode "The Infinite Vulcan" featuring Eugenics War scientist Dr Keniclius who tries to make an army of Spock clones (written by Walter Koenig).
- Trek Poetry Slam - you have 3 minutes to recite your own Trek Poetry. Prizes supplied by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets and Vancouver Gaming Guild.
- Costume Contest! Star Trek "Scene It" video game prize provided by Drexoll Games.
- Chorgh Mile Klingon Rap Battle. Official Rules are on the facebook group & website. Prizes supplied by Arc Dream & RX Comics.
- even MORE stuff

Yes, we need volunteers! Email

Official Rules for Klingon Rap Battle:
Participants broken into pairs and get up on stage to insult his opponent other to generic beat loops, up to 3 minutes. Everybody gets one shot--no elimination rounds. Younger participant goes first. Winner is determined by audience response. Any trek language and/or English is acceptable, but people are going to bring kids to this so please restrict your swear words to Klingon, not English.

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