Friday, December 25, 2009

5 Years of SFFSFF

2010 will mark the 5th anniversary of the Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival put on annually by the EMP/SFM in Seattle. The festival started out as the Science Fiction Short Film Festival in 2006 and added fantasy to it's name in 2008. The trailer for this year's festival is now located on the upper left corner of the website. Below is a recap of coverage through the festivals history. The Wikipedia entry is located here.

Tickets for the 2010 show can be found here.

Official Sites

Various Articles
1st Annual Science Fiction Short Festival Launched(2006)

SF Short Film Festival(2006)

Please Turn Off Your Vibrators & Pacemakers(2008)

Seattle Sci-Fi Fans Get Their Fix(2009)

Astounding Tales of Science Fiction(2009)

The Tiny Spaceship Lands in Seattle Saturday(2009)

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