Thursday, April 22, 2010

Seattle bid for Westercon 2012

Seattle, WA. April 22, 2010

Seattle Westercon in 2012

I wanted to formally announce that our dates are firm for
Thursday, July 5 through Sunday, July 8 2012 and that we will have days available on both sides so travelers can enjoy our lovely state. There are some plans at this time to provide some informal fannish fun things to do on the 4th so those wishing to spend the full holiday with us can rest assured there will be something
to do.

The hotel that I have filed with, the SeaTac Marriot has given us a firm offer, which at the time of filing we were going to go with. However, in the meantime the
Hilton and the Doubletree made better offers. The best all around for our convention, should we win, is from the Doubletree. We wanted to let the voters know before the vote that it is most likely we will sign a contract with the Doubletree when we win. We will have the contract in hand in Pasadena if anyone should want to review it.

letter of intent from the Marriot's letter is still valid. There is no penalty if we do not use it. The Marriott has decided that they really don't like parties and loud music and business in their sleeping areas. In working with them for other events as the hotel liaison, I see how hard it is for our representative to find creative ways to make it possible to have parties and accommodate our fannish needs. I feel that is a major issue when we come in with a larger number of people. The Doubletree likes fandom, likes conventions and is used to having yearly fannish activities in their facilities. They know what we need.

This all happened after the paperwork was submitted to Pasadena. Call me gun-shy but I won't have another facilities incident if I can help it, ever, for anything. I kept looking and as a result, we have a better offer. Because I only have to file with a letter of intent, per the bylaws, there
was no need to send in a modification. However, I do want to let everyone know in advance of the vote.

We hope to see you all in Pasadena!

Thank you

Bobbie DuFault
Seattle in 2012 Westercon bid

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