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Gamesauce Conference

Tracks include: Game Development, Leadership, Funding, Mobile Development and Audio

What: Gamesauce Conference
July 19th, 2010
Seattle, Washington

SEATTLE, Washington – Gamesauce, a magazine and conference for professional game developers, today announced the speakers and lectures scheduled for the Gamesauce Conference, an event designed specifically for professional game developers, which will take place in Seattle, Washington on July 19th, 2010 in conjunction with Casual Connect Seattle.

“Video games are cool. Let’s face it, they are. Making them is even cooler.” said Jake Simpson, editor in chief of Gamesauce Magazine. “The Gamesauce Conference is here to help professional developers share information and experiences with some of the best and the brightest covering topics from finance to developing fun and many other stops along the way.“

The Gamesauce Conference is organized by IGDA, IGDA Women in Games, Women in Games International, Women in Games Vancouver, The Corum Group, NVIDIA, Game Audio Alliance and the Gamesauce Magazine staff.

Speakers and Sessions

1- Game Development
Train: How I Dumped Electricity and Learned to Love Design
Brenda Brathwaite, Lolapps & IGDA Board Member

How to Train Your Publisher
Jamil Moledina, Business Development EA Partners & IGDA Board Member

Ten Years of Keeping People Working
Mat Noguchi, Bungie

True Player Driven Stories: How Do We Get There?
Kent Hudson, 2K Marin

Designer vs. Coders: Flawless Victory
Dan Boutros

Leadership: How Every Single One of Us Can Make a Difference
Bob Berry, co-Founder & CEO Uber Entertainment
Jason Robar, VP Amazing Society - A Gazillion Entertainment Game Studio
Jeff Pobst, Founder & CEO, Hidden Path Entertainment
Megan Gaiser, CEO, Her Interactive

You’re Doing it Wrong: The Creation & Survival of Runic Games
Travis Baldree, Runic Games

Just Getting Started
Ian Fischer, Robot Entertainment

Q&A: The Evolution of the FPS
John Romero, Gazillion Entertainment -Interviewed by Rick Johnson, Valve

Motivating Casual Players in An Online Game
Laralyn McWilliams, Sony Online Entertainment

Practical Applications for Art Outsourcing
Greg Foertsch, Firaxis Games

How Nine Women Can Have A Baby In A Month: Making the Most of Multiple Cores Efficient Asynchronous Engine Design for the PS3 and 360
John Harries

Dan Magaha, Content Director, Gamesauce Conference
Chris Taylor, Founder & CEO, Gas Powered Games

Jake Simpson, Editor-In-Chief, Gamesauce Magazine

2- Alternative Funding, Exit Strategies and M&A
Funding: The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Margaret Wallace, Rebel Monkey

Mergers and Acquisitions: State of the Industry
Dougan Milne, Corum Group

Selling Up and Selling Out
Nat Burgess, Corum Group

M & A Interview With the Buyers
Ian Atkinson, THQ
Dan Winters, Activision
Sean Phinney, Playdom
Robert Goldberg, Zynga
Moderator: Nat Burgess, Corum Group

3- Leadership and Professional Development for Women in Games
Vertical and Lateral Promotion and Advancement:
Taking Pro-Active Steps toward Your Dream Job
Shanna Tellerman, Wild Pockets
Lori Inman, Microsoft
Moderator: Perrin Kaplan, Zebra Partners
(Organized by Women in Games International)

Self-Promotion: How to be Your Own PR Firm
Sande Chen, WIGI
Jessica Rovello, Arkadium
Moderator: Perrin Kaplan, Zebra Partners
(Organized by Women in Games International)

Building the Next Generation of Rockstars
Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch, Silicon Sisters Interactive Inc., Chair WIGI Vancouver
Karen Clark, Electronic Arts, committee member for GameMentorOnline
Chris Oltyan, ZeeGee Games, committee member for GameMentorOnline
Cordy Rierson, Microsoft Game Studios
Moderator: Fiona Cherbak, ThemePark Studios
(Organized by IGDA Women in Games)

Successful Female Game Devs Speak: It Pays to Hire Women in Games
Maryann Klingman, PlayFirst
Prof. Carrie Heeter, Michigan State University
Ann Grant, Her Interactive
Brenda Brathwaite, Lolapps
Moderator: Solveig Pederson Zarubin, PlayFirst
(Organized by IGDA Women in Games)

Follow Your Bliss (Inspiration as a Reminder of Why We’re in This Industry)
Bryna Dabby, Smoking Gun Interactive
Crispin Hands, Independent
Joe Nickolls, Electronic Arts
Tara Mustafa, Big Park, Microsoft
(Organized by Women in Games Vancouver)

Art Portfolio Preparation (Putting Your Best Foot Forward)
Rick StringFellow, Electronic Arts
Erin Olorenshaw, Smoking Gun Interactive
(Organized by Women in Games Vancouver)

#1: Starting & Running a Small Business
#2: Marketing Outside the Box (There is No Box)
#3: Working with 3rd Parties
#4: Platforms – Where Should I Launch My Game?
(Organized by Women in Games Vancouver)

4- Audio and Music
Game Music & Sound History: From Pong to Final Fantasy
Aaron Walz, Walz Music

How Do I Pimp My Game Audio?
Barry Dowsett & Kevin Tone, Soundrangers

Fun In Soundville: Exploring the World of Audio for Social and Online Games
Greg Rahn, Soundmindz

Game Audio Experts Spill Their Guts and Answer Your Burning Questions
Jesse Holt

Game Developers & Audio Professionals: Successful Interaction is a Win-Win
Game Audio Alliance Panel

5- Mobile Game Development
Performance Gaming on Android
Bill Rehbock, NVIDIA

Fast and Pretty: Making Responsive, Quality 3D Content on Android
Lars Bishop, NVIDIA

Androids of the World Unite: Using Unity to Extend The Reach Of Mobile Development
Tony Garcia, Director Business Development, Unity Technologies

Airplay SDK Case Study with Natural Motion’s Backbreaker
Ideaworks / Natural Motion

Using ShiVa 3D on NVIDIA Tegra-Powered Platforms
Philip Belhassen, Stonetrip

Adobe Flash and Air – Mobile Games Fast!
Ryan Stewart, Adobe
Richard Seis, NVIDIA

How to – Unreal Engine for NVIDIA Tegra
Epic Games

Gamesauce Conference Registration
Professionals may purchase a discounted one-day pass to the Gamesauce Conference or may use their Casual Connect pass for entrance. One-day pass registration can be found at Casual Connect Registration can be found at

About Gamesauce
The Gamesauce Conference, July 19th 2010, is for those who have already discovered the great secret about making games: it’s fun, it’s cool and you get paid to do it. We promise the Gamesauce Conference will be fun and cool—just like making games should be.

Gamesauce is intended to get you to stop doing for a few minutes so that you might spend a little time thinking. Thinking about your place and your purpose and your passion. Thinking about your various opportunities to make a lasting impact on others. Thinking about some bigger questions than "Where are we going for lunch today?"

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