Thursday, August 28, 2008

BellCon 2008 Guest List

September 27th, 2008
Whatcom Community College Campus
Bellingham, WA

Here is the guest list so far:

Clayton Crain – artist; "Ghost Rider" and "Spider-Man"
Darren Davis – writer/creator – "The 10th Muse"
Chad Hedler – writer; "Bartholomew of the Scissors and "Vincent Price Presents"
Jason Schultz – writer; "Missile to the Moon"
Tom Peyer – writer; DC Comics "The Flash"
Daniel Crosier – writer "Bartholomew of the Scissors"
Brandon Jerwa – writer; GI Joe and Battlestar Galactica
Jason Metcalf – artist; "Wrath of the Titans"
Ben Hansen - artist: Dependants
Levi - inker on Dependants
Carnell – writer; Fangoria
Michel Gange – artist/writer; "Zed" and "The Saga of Rex"

- Merch-Bot
- Vintage Comics
- Lady Jaynes
- Jeffrey Itkin
- Art Institute Seattle
- Cyclops Unlimited
- Eric Burris
- Comic Evolution
- J Bruce Boagle
- Comics Dungeon
- Comics Place
- Ken Smith
- ZB Publications
- Rorschach Entertainment
Bluewater Productions
- Whatcom Library and MORE SOON!

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