Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tri Cities Comic Con 2008

Tri Cities Comic Con

Announcing the Tri-City Comic Com October 11th, 2008.

In conjunction with the convention Star Fleet International Region 5 will be having a leadership council for all chapters attending. The leadership council can be attended by all and will be held Saturday Morning 10 AM to noon. On Sunday we will have a departure breakfast for all. For advance ticket sales please contact me (davidlee@owt. com) or Nat (nt.saenz@gmail. com) for support in this action. If you have any questions or need additional information please let me know.

TC3 Events & Activities Our events will include;

* Comic Book Artists & Guests,
* Media Guests, (Confirmed - Actor/ Director/ Musician Tim Russ)
* Exhibitor Hall & Dealers Room,
* Tri-City Independent- Fan Film Festival, (Awards winning short films from around the world)
* Special Screenings
o Star Trek Of Gods and Men
o Dead Gentleman Productions – Gamers II: Dorkness Rising
* 'William Lloyd Cooper' Scholarship Fund for Imagination, (Scholarships to be given to inspiring artists and film makers)
* Assorted Gaming Events. (Ranging from electronic, role playing, to tabletop)

TC3 convention prices;
Bronze Age Tickets - $10.00 – General admission
Silver Age Tickets - $25.00 – goodie bag and coupon for Tim Russ autograph (photo not included) Includes: Special goodie bag and Tim Russ autograph (Photos sold Separately)
Golden Age Tickets - $50.00 – All in one package that includes Tim Russ concert Includes: Special goodie bag and Tim Russ autograph, (Photos sold Separately) AND a Tim Russ music concert

Rooms available at the Red Lion Hotel (The convention location)
Red Lion Hotel
2525 North 20th Avenue
Pasco, WA 99301

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