Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kei-kon 6: Victoria, BC Canada

Kei-kon 6
University of Victoria, MacLaurin building
Admission: $5-$20

Featuring film, a dealers pavillion, a tea house, cosplay shows and contests, and talks about anime and manga.

Anime Panels
-"Shading and Texture" with Astra Crompton shows you how to give your
characters the best of physical depth. Emotional depth sold seperately.
-"Manga Proportions" with Astra Crompton will teach you how to make sure
your characters are well developed and don't look like wobbleheads in a
truck with bad suspension.
-"Shounen Ai and Yaoi" with Natasha and Dani explores the PG-13 version of the
subject of male-male manga love.

Role Playing Panels
-"World Building" with James and Dan explores the best way to build your own
campaign setting from scratch.
-"Styles of Storytelling" with Kelly, James, Roman, Dan, Mike, etc. discusses how to run a unique experience for your players.
-"Stylish Combat Scenes and You" with James et all. explains how to run the most
entertaining, graphic, and humerous fight scenes possible.

Video Game Panels
-"Step Up" with Adam teaches you how to make the best Step Step Revolution

Misc Panels
-"The Finer Points of Yaoi: (18+)" with Dani and Natasha. Yep, it's just like it

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