Saturday, February 7, 2009

News about the bid for 2011 Worldcon

It is with grave regret and a deep disappointment that I must announce that
the Seattle bid has to pull out of the race to host the Worldcon in 2011.
This is due to an unforeseen event and our inability to reach a formal first
option agreement with our preferred facilities. We had initial options on
facilities, but when it came time to reduce them to formal writing, we found
that our preferred facilities had groups willing to make the financial
commitment ahead of us. Seattle is such a popular destination for
conventions that all of the reasonable dates (early August through early
September) already have groups that have firmer commitments than we do.

After examining the options and alternatives, consulting with our respected
advisors and exploring any number of other possibilities we have determined
that there are just no viable alternatives, which make sense for the fannish
community available to us. We do not want to host the Worldcon in a venue
and situation that would prove to be less than World class. In this
economy, it is refreshing to know that Seattle remains a popular destination
for conventions and tourists even if it is one of the saddest things I can
think of at the moment.

I want to personally thank all of the fannish community, our supporters, my
advisors, friends and family for giving so completely of yourselves over the
last several years. I can personally not think of anyone I would not have
wanted to produce this event with other than you - You all gave so much and
went so far to make this happen. Thank you for everything!

We will be reviewing future opportunities with our potential facilities with
an eye toward bidding for a subsequent year.

Bobbie DuFault

Seattle 2011 Bid Chairman


Shel Graves said...

Sad news. Thanks for keeping us up to date. So, it looks like WorldCon 2011 will be in Reno?

Isaac Alexander said...

That is most likely correct. No other bids were submitted for hosting the event in 2011.