Thursday, April 2, 2009

Emerald City ComiCon 2009 - THIS WEEKEND!

This will be the last update as the Emerald City ComiCon is THIS WEEKEND, woo!

First, we appreciate everyone who is subscribed to the mailing list, we now have
over 1,500 members and your support of the show has let us grow in to the great
pop culture event than you know and love, so thank you very much!


Regarding things happening at the show, here's a few key links:

Programming Schedule -
Celebrity Photo Ops -
Gaming -
Costume Contest -


Since our last update, we've added a third guest from Battlestar Galactica, this
time MICHAEL HOGAN who plays Colonel Saul Tigh!


We've added a *TON* of new exclusives offered by our exhibitors, you can see
them all here:

While at the show, don't forget to help support Seattle Children's Hospital by
picking up a copy of Monsters & Dames Artbook!


Our crazy huge list got a bit bigger since the last update with the addition of
MATT KINDT (Super Spy), KEVIN HANNA (Clockwork Girl), MICHAEL ANGELOS (Jack the
Lantern), JEPH JACQUES (Questionable Content), SAM LOGAN (Sam and Fuzzy), DAME
DARCY (Meat Cake) and TIM VIGIL (Frank Frazetta's Dark Kingdom).

Due to unforseen circumstances Dave Stewart, Andrew Wahl, Adi Granov and Greg
Thompson will not be appearing this year.

The complete guest list can be found here:


If you're down with winning cool stuff, here's your chance to do just that EVERY
HOUR OF THE SHOW! All you have to do is send a text message with the words ECCC,
a space and your zip code to 43549 (for example, if you live in zip codes 98101
your text message should read "ECCC 98101"). Then, during the show, we'll
randomly pick someone every hour to win exclusive prizes! This service is
completely free and only your standard text message rates will apply.

Speaking of all this technological hullabaloo, for all you Twitter users out
there, make sure your tweets before, during and after the show contain our
official hash mark (#ECCC) and on April 10th, we'll select a dozen random
posters to win prizes!

That's it! We're ready for the show and hope you are too!

See you this weekend,

Jim Demonakos
Emerald City ComiCon

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