Sunday, April 19, 2009

Portland Zine Symposium 2009

Registration for 2009 PZS is now OPEN!

Hello PZS friends!

This is your final heads up that registration for the 2009 Portland Zine Symposium is now OPEN!

- Registration is PER DAY: Attendees will be able to register for one day, two days, or all three days.

- Registration is a $5 donation for a half table per day and a $10 donation for a full table per day: So, a full table for three days would be a $30 donation, or you could do a half table for three days for a $15 donation, or you could do a full table for two days and a half for one day for a $25 donation, etc.

- Full table registration is limited to 30 of the 90 tables: If you are planning to register for a full table this year, please keep this in mind and give us a detailed explanation as to why you'd prefer a full table when you register online. Not all table registrations will be approved, As full table registration will be limited to make sure PZS is more inclusive, so please DO NOT MAKE YOUR FULL TABLE DONATION UNTIL YOUR FULL TABLE REGISTRATION HAS BEEN CONFIRMED AND APPROVED.

- Please register ONLINE: Even if you're mailing in your donation for a table, PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE so that we have your info and you don't end up getting waitlisted.

Thanks for your continued support of PZS.

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